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I love, love, love watching families grow!  As a New Hampshire Newborn photographer I often get to photograph families as they grow.   When I first photographed this family little Cooper was about 6 months old and now he’s a big brother!  So cool to see!  

We did this session inside the “P” family home which made it so nice and comfortable for the kids (and hopefully mom and dad).  I love doing newborn sessions in homes so parent’s don’t have to trek out with all the kids and an newborn.  It’s also nice when there’s siblings involved so that when I’m working with just the baby the other kids have all their toys to play with.  In this case it was TONS of legos! 

During most newborn session it takes some serious time to get baby to sleep through posing but sweet Addison was out like a light from the minute I arrived till I left (hope she stayed that way!).  We breezed through her solo shots then grabbed the whole family for some pictures on Mom and Dad’s bed.  After some popcorn, Pez and chocolate bunnies we were able to get some really cute pictures of the whole family and just the kids (parenting 101- bribery works!!).  

Here are my favorites!

New Hampshire Newborn Photographer, Newborn Photographer NH, Portsmouth Newborn PhotographerNew-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0114New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0115New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0116New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0117New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0118New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0119New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0120New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0121New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0122New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0123New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0124New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0125New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer_0126

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Wendy Cloutier Shea

So pretty Anna!

Nicole Lopez

What a beautiful family!! Beautiful job capturing this time in their lives!

Kayla Creamer

Love your lifestyle sessions. So great!

My turnaround is never this fast but when I get this excited about something I just can’t help it!  The “V” family are our closest family friends here in Exeter and they just welcomed their second baby boy!  Greyson Clyde was born yesterday!  I texted Arryn yesterday afternoon to see how she was feeling and let her know I was thinking of her and she responded with the good news!  I almost jumped out of my seat!  We’ve been anticipating Greyson’s arrival and to hear that he was here and everyone was happy and healthy was the best news!  (can you tell I’m excited!?  I have a tendency to over use exclamation points when I get really excited!!!)

I was even more excited when Arryn asked if I wanted to come over and snap some photos of big brother Noah meeting his new little brother for the first time!  What an honor it was for me to be able to be there and share that moment with them and to be able to capture those moments was just my favorite thing ever!  My heart is actually bursting with joy for this amazing family! 

When we first met Arryn and Andrew I was pregnant with our last baby.  Arryn and Andrew have been here since our last baby was born.  They’ve seen him grow up and more than seeing him (and our others) grow up they’ve also been a huge part of our baby’s lives.  They are like family to our kids, they have provided comfort for them when we haven’t been there to, they have provided encouragement to them at games, church events and been at almost all of their birthdays (and even stayed up for many late nights helping me decorate for those birthdays).  

Watching Arryn and Andrew and the care they provide for our children gave me a tiny little glimpse into the amazing parents that they would be and what a joy it has been to watch it unfold.   We’ve been able to see Noah from infant to now two and now we get to be here to see sweet Greyson– what a privilege! Can you tell babies make me sappy?  Ok now onto the good stuff! 

Welcome sweet Greyson Clyde! 

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Arryn Vogan

This was such a sweet and wonderful post! Your family means so much to us. You guys Are definitely our family here where we don’t have any close by! Love these pictures do much and the video melts me!!

Vanessa Rose Carmody

These are so adorable congrats Arryn! <3

Karissa 'Renaud' Wright

I just found this! This is so beautiful!!!

Anyone else sick of this rain!  I’ll admit we’re getting a little stir crazy here and we have most definitely been singing the “rain rain go away” song!  Unfortunately its just not working!  

I thought now would be a good time to share with you some of our families favorite board games to play on a rainy day!  We’ve got ages 4-8 in this house and mostly everyone can play all of these! 

Sneaky Squirrel Game, Best board games for kids,

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game!  Our family LOVES this game.  I love that this is game we can play together but also a game that is simple enough that the kids don’t NEED an adult to play with them.  The game is all about collecting one of each color acorns without the wind blowing them all back or the sneaky squirrel taking them away!  If you’re struggling with a sore loser (otherwise known as Asher) this is a good game to get him used to the ups and downs of winning and losing!  


Richard Scarry’s Busy Town- Eye Found It!–  Tired of the loser always crying?? Here’s a good one where everyone works together for a common cause!  The plan is to get everyone onto the boat and over to the picnic.  Get there by using little magnifying glasses to mark all the items they find.  The kids love this one and it’s a nice team building game!

Headbanz game, best board games for kids, best board games, rainy day fun

Headbanz–  I usually end up laughing so hard that I’m crying when we’re playing this game.  It’s probably best played with just the older kids! Asher doesn’t quite get the concept yet of what we’re doing which makes it even funnier!  The kids love this one!


Race to the Roof– This game is awesome!  The board game changes every time you play it which keeps it interesting!  The kids love it and it’s a lot of back and forth, up and down as you draw cards that tell you what to find and where to go.  This is even a favorite with the parents!

hoot owl hoot, best board games, board games for kids

Hoot Owl Hoot–  This is another cooperative game.  Don’t get me wrong I’m all for teaching your kids winning and losing but sometimes mama needs a break!  We’re still dealing with one VERY emotional 4 year old so sometimes it’s nice to play a game where we work together for an end result!  In this game we try to get all the baby owls into the nest with their mom before the sun sets!

best board games, uno, best games for kids

UNO!–  Looking for a game you can enjoy?  LOVE this one and I sure do love beating Abby at it!  Great game of strategy, colors and numbers.  The kids love playing this one.  Even though it says 7+ they all can play it and love it…but mom always wins this one!

Best board games for kids, best board games, operation game

Operation–  My excitement for this game is overwhelming.  When I first bought it I could not wait till the first time one of the kids set off the buzzer..and I’m telling you now that it never gets old!  I have a passion for startling people….I don’t think there’s much that is funnier than someone jumping out of their skin so this game definitely makes it on my favorite list!  (and if you can score the original I definitely recommend it- the new one is WAY too easy!)

So that’s it!  Our list of the best board games for families!  The best part about this post is you can click right on the names and go grab them all on Amazon prime! Enjoy!



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Dena McMullen

Oooh these look fun! :)

Lydene Robertson

I used to LOVE operation as a kid!

Nicole Lopez

Love this post! Nothing better than rainy day games :)

Christine Keegan Hamrick

UNO is our all-time favorite family game! It’s so small you can take it anywhere, and my six-year old beats the pants off of everyone else EVERY SINGLE TIME :) Thanks for sharing some of the others – great ideas for the long summer off from school.

A few years ago I founded a photography group for New England photographers.  Last month I arranged a session for some of us to shoot together.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.  One of those sessions you walk away from knowing you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  Fast forward a few weeks and I got together with the mom to show her the photos I had taken and the video I had put together along with the photos from all of the other photographers.  The next day I received this from Cindy.

When we are happy, time passes so quickly. When we are aware and mindful, maybe time seems to slow a bit. And when we are in the midst of a deep emotion like pain or suffering, the minutes tick by with days and nights so long. I have experienced all of these phases of time. And now after 3 children, businesses, military, and many moves to new places, it is crazy that I feel like everything happened just yesterday…

This was our first Lifestyle Session. Two hours of comfortable and fun photography while we carried on our usual, relaxed interaction as a family. It was not until after the photos came back and then even more impactful, the video, that I grasped how much emotion, joy and love these family interactions hold. You feel your feelings in the moment, but feelings are fleeting, and always changing. So, sometimes you forget how awesome that moment was. When I looked at these pictures and the video, I was instantly brought back to the feeling of pure love and laughter, fun, and happiness. Most of all, our bond.

Since the Lifestyle Session, we have encountered tremendous change. It is both shocking and amazing for me to see how life truly does change in an instant. Changes that challenge our bond. But amidst this change, the one new blessing that I had, and still have, is the opportunity to watch our video. This uplifts my spirit. Grounds me when I feel like I’m flopping around with no direction. And soothes my heart by reminding me of the deep love and happiness that we share as a family.

Some may say they can’t afford a Lifestyle Session, and I understand the Lifestyle Session is an investment – financially. I pay my bills weekly. I pinch pennies when I can. But after having this beautiful day of our life literally frozen in time, I will budget for and do a Lifestyle Session again and again. I can tell you that there is no better investment than capturing a sweet moment of life. These moments captured in photos is like time standing still. And because life changes in the blink of an eye, and your home may never be the same, it is worth every penny to do this.

My heart is so full of gratitude for the talent and beauty of the photography and videography that we’ve received. I am so very thankful for this session that captured one day of our life. Now, whenever I want, whenever I need a reminder of all things good, and no matter how much times passes, I will look at these pictures, watch my video and truly feel the goodness and soak in the precious love of that time… As if it happened just yesterday.

There is not much else to say.  If you want to see her session you can check it out here and click the contact button if your ready to schedule your own! 



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Amanda Campano


Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle!  Are you getting sick of me talking about lifestyle sessions yet?  I’m officially obsessed with this form of photography!  This session is SO special to me for so many reasons!  

If you don’t already know I run a small New England Photography group.  I had organized a meet up for us to all finally get to shoot together and was so excited till at the last minute the family I had scheduled canceled on me!  AHHH In a panic I tried thinking of who would be comfortable enough to let a bunch of photographers into their home to shoot this type of session!  The Khoury’s were the first family that popped into my head!  I just met the Khoury family a few months ago, they were a new family in our church and I instantly clicked with Cindy and our kids have become best buddies!  They’re a beautiful family inside and out and were so excited when I asked if they’d be interested!  Phew!

This beautiful family opened up their home to me and 6 other photographers.  Not only did they make us feel comfortable but they also had a huge spread of goodies for us!  Cindy went above and beyond to make this an awesome event!  Talk about an amazing heart! The entire session was a blast!  I loved shooting with my fellow photographers and I LOVED photographing THIS family! Hope you love the pictures and be sure to watch the video at the end!  If you love it be sure to comment and share it and most importantly if you’re looking for your New Hampshire Family Photographer then be sure to click that contact button!  I would love to hear from you and help you plan your session!

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Target Clients: They’re not who you think they are! » Anna Bartell- For Photographers

[…] this blog post on my schedule when a client commented on a photo I shared.  It was from a recent lifestyle session and the mom from the session wrote […]

Cindy Thompson Khoury

When I commented earlier, was running in between appts and didn’t take the time to read your blog script, sorry!…Only scrolled down to see the video and show Gary and kids! Sitting down now to read your words. I want you to know, it was truly our blessing and honor to have you and your group of photographers here. We never could have imagined how emotional and meaningful these pictures and this video would be. This Lifestyle Session is what every family needs. To look at when times are tough, when life changes unexpectedly, and when we just need a reminder to be thankful for what God gives us. No matter what, good or bad. Love and kindness were flowing the day all of you were at our home, and you were able to capture it for us in a photo and in a video. And now we’ll have these forever, to pass down however many generations we are blessed with! We love you guys. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Connie Drapeau Kennedy

I’m sorry that I missed this gathering. I clearly see why you chose this family: their relationships are strong, their spirit sincere, and they allowed their fun and love to shine through. Even so, it takes a talented photographer with the right skills and heart to capture their sense of family to disc. You did it beautifully! This collection tells us much of their story and what a sweet story it is! Congratulations! Really nice work (again)!

Micaela Demeter


Kayla Creamer

I’m still bummed that I couldn’t make it. It looks like everyone had a blast though and I feel like I was there looking at your photos! Hoping to make it to the next meet up. :)

James Cauley

I hope that I can comment here. I love this particular portfolio. You don’t have many people willing to open their home to strangers like this, and with our messed up world the way it is now I don’t blame them. The work here is excellent. Can’t praise them enough. Great job.