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In the past I’ve shared some of my favorite products that I offer as a photographer but I’ve decided to expand the horizons and start sharing some of my all time favorite products for life. As a mom of four I think I’ve tried everything under the sun…so I might as well share with so you can avoid all of the trial and error I have had to endure!

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite finds this year-the PlanetBox! I’m ridiculously excited about these amazing lunch boxes…I know it’s dorky…don’t try and rub it in. A few months ago we did a month of clean eating. It was great and we continue to keep our meals pretty clean but one thing the clean eating did was make me realize how bad the lunches I was packing the kids were! Sandwich and chips…and a “juice” box…maybe an applesauce. They were definitely thrown together. When I started adding a wider variety of foods to the kids’ lunches I found I was using a ton of baggies, things were leaking and nothing was very appealing to them by the time they got to school.

Insert PlanetBox. I had seen another photographer posting pictures of her absolutely adorable lunches (which I will never be able to create) and they were all perfectly placed in this little stainless steel piece of amazingness. So of course I checked it out and almost died at the price…but then I thought about it…not much more than I pay for their lands end bags that don’t include ice packs, or anything to hold the food in. The PlanetBox does…it even includes a stainless container for dips and a bigger one for really drippy things. The PlanetBox also is perfectly portioned even with a little tiny, shallow spot for a treat! So I decided to save…and save…and save and finally got the PlanetBox for Abby and Steven! The kids were so excited and they LOVE them! This hasn’t helped my cause in convincing them to get hot lunch every once and a while to give me a little break!

So I’ve taken a few pictures to show you how great they are. These are iPhone pictures-gasp! The photographer is using iPhone pictures! When I’m making these lunches it’s before I’ve had coffee and I can barely open my eyes…so cut me a break! I hope you enjoy my Favorite Friday and if you’re interested in the PlanetBox you can find it here!

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I love it when you share!

What can I say about Mr. Tobini.  He’s awesome and I LOVE taking his picture.  It may be because his mom is hilarious and pretty much the most fun person in the world to hang out with or it could be cause he’s so cute and super snuggle or BOTH! I pretty much just love this family!

This was a quick session just to get some updated pictures of Tobin for Christmas but it was still so fun and he is still so cute.  The last time that I photographed Tobin we weren’t really able to get him to sit up and this time he rocked it!  It’s amazing to see the progress he’s made just since his session over the summer!  Way to go Tobin!

Tobin was hospitalized last week with an increase in his seizures, if you follow me on Facebook you may have seen the update.  I’m happy to report that the little guy is back home! Praise the Lord!  Now onto his next big thing—being  a big brother!  I cannot wait to meet his new little brother and of course photograph the two of them together!

New Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndromeNew Hampshire Family Session, Lifestyle photography, 1p36 deletion syndrome

He’s a doll right?  Hope you loved the pictures and please keep this little guy in your prayers!

If you’re looking for an NH Family Photographer you know who to call-603-418-5224 or text or e-mail (or that little contact me button)  you get the picture right?  Need and NH family photographer I’m your girl!


I love it when you share!

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this whole session yet!  I promise I will soon!  Its funny as a photographer how all of your own photos end up on the back burner.  I did manage to get these all up on the wall and they will eventually make it here to the blog!

Today I’m participating in a contest over at  Back when I first got started with photography I would enter these contests all the time!  I loved planing a photo for each theme of the month and anticipated the announcement of the winner each time.  As the years have gone on and business has taken over I’ve strayed from challenging my photography and doing things for myself.  Sounds like it’s time for a resolution right?  Ok, so maybe I made a resolution to participate in more of these challenges and other challenges in the photography world.  This contest was easy for me because I just had to pick my favorite faces of 2013.  You’ve seen all the favorites from the pictures I took of clients (remember the best of contest over on Facebook?) but this is my all time favorite of 2013..I’m allowed to pick my own kids right?

If you’re a photographer or an aspiring photographer I highly recommend you head over to and check out their contests and TONS of information they offer for us photographers!

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I love it when you share!
Jenny Camponeschi

I love this shot! It’s so real!


Search engine optimization…otherwise known as SEO.  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  NO seriously you can’t live without it!  I know, I know  SEO for photographers seems like one of the most daunting tasks as a business owner.  A constant battle to get to the top and more importantly STAY THERE!   I’m not going to lie it’s definitely not an easy task and there is a TON of overwhelming (but important) information out there.  I know when I started getting into it I wished I had a place to begin so that’s what I’m laying out here for you.


This is a perfect place to begin.  If you want google to find you don’t you think it’s important for Google to know you’re there!?  That’s exactly the point of a Google place page.  You know when you search for something in your area and up pops a list with a corresponding map?  You want to be on that map right?  I know when someone searches for an Exeter, New Hampshire Photographer I want to be on the top of that list!   You will only be listed on that list if you have a Google place page.   The good news is that it only takes a few minutes to set up your google place page here.   See it even says “Get started in 5 minutes”

SEO for photographers, creating a google place page

Creating the Google place page isn’t magic (unfortunately)  it takes time and effort to get moved up so you’re even on the first page but this is definitely a start.    Some things you can do within your place page are to add photos that you’ve taken, fill in as much of the requested info as you can and encourage your clients to leave reviews.  Those are all things that can help you through Googles end.


Ah, the very important keywords.  I can’t stress these enough!  When it comes to SEO for Photographers keywords are the most basic way to be seen.  What would someone be searching for to find you?  For me it’s “New Hampshire Family Photographer”.  I hope when someone is searching for a New Hampshire Family Photographer that they’re going to find me.  So I make sure that I use that key phrase as much as possible throughout my site.  This includes the title of my website, the titles of my posts and the content with-in the pages of my website.  The more that shows up on my site, the more Google is going to define me as a “New Hampshire Family Photographer”.   Now since my website is also my blog I make sure that those keywords or other keywords/phrases are in each of my posts.  One thing I found helpful was to sit down and make a nice long list of different keyword/phrases that I would like to be recognized for.  I use the ones that are appropriate for whatever I’m posting about weather it is a “NH Newborn Photographer”,  “What to Wear” or for this post “SEO for Photographers”.

If you have a WordPress site you can add an amazing plug-in called Yoast.  You can download this plug-in by searching for it in your plugins menu or right from  Either way it’s genius to be able to manage your SEO from post to post.  Here’s a snapshot of what my Yoast looks like from this very post.  When I’m completely done it will give me a red, yellow or green light depending on how well I’ve written this post, included my keyphrase and truly optimized my post.  Under the page analysis I’ll get a list of things I can improve before I publish my post.  If that’s not simplicity I don’t know what is!

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I cannot stress to you the importance of blogging.   For years I kept my blog and my website separate thinking it was so much better, so much more professional and definitely the best option but I was wrong…yes very, very wrong.  The minute I combined my website and my blog together I was instantly higher in Googles rankings.  The more I blogged the higher I went.   The importance of blogging cannot be underestimated.  Google loves fresh content.

You have a beautiful website, it took you a month to build it.  This website includes every detail that any client needs to know about you and your business.  It also has all of your best work featured, a gorgeous portfolio of all the most beautiful faces you’ve ever photographed.  You finish building that site then walk away.  Every once and a while you add more of your favorite work and maybe some updates to your pricing.   Then there’s me-  I have a blogsite that includes all every detail that any client needs to know about me and my business.  It also has my best work featured….blah blah blah but then it also has a blog, which is updated multiple times a week with my latest sessions, my favorite tips etc.  Which site is Google going to rank as the most important?  It’s pretty common sense right?

Including your blog on your site also just gives you even more opportunity to get those keywords/phrases spread throughout your site.   I could do a whole post on the benefits of blogging for your business and maybe someday I will but for now I will say the benefits are far more than just SEO for Photographers but even if it was just for that it would be worth it!


Well isn’t that convenient!  We’re photographers, creating beautiful images and that alone can help our SEO!  Doesn’t get much better than that!  Google loves images but what it loves more than just an image is an image that it can tell is relevant to your keywords.  So how do we do that?  There’s plenty of ways to make sure Google sees your images as what they are–IMPORTANT!   The image name alone can help your search engine optimization.  Every time I put an image on my blog it is named to go along with the blog post or feature gallery that I’m adding it to.  So if I’m posting my most recent family session on my blog the images are usually named ‘NH_Family_Photographer_01.jpeg’.   I’ll show you in this image below when I searched for this phrase what came up.  Of the first 6 images that come up 4 are mine and more are scattered throughout search result.  If you want people to find you this will definitely help!


There’s a lot further we can go on optimizing your images and I will definitely share that in the future but for now, to keep it simple, this is a great place to start.


Last but not least LINKS.  Adding outside links to other websites and having other websites (especially credible websites) linking back to your site.  This may seem tricky at first but don’t make it harder than it needs to be.  If you’re writing a what to wear post include some links to the places people can purchase those clothes.  Posting your latest newborn session?  Include links to the vendor who made the beautiful Newborn hat.  Blogging your last wedding? Include links to ALL of the vendors.  Where was it located, who made the cake etc.  Not only will this help you but your vendors will love it!

When you feature a vendor on your blog TELL THEM! They will be excited for the publicity and will hopefully share that link on there page…now you have a link from someone else’s website.  It all goes around and it all helps your site! Win win!

Hopefully this post has made the world of SEO for Photographers a little less overwhelming.  Is there a lot more to learn?  Yes, but if you take it one step at a time you’ll get there!

If you liked this post be sure to share it, pin it and or comment!  Have questions? Feel free to email me or use the contact button.  I’m always happy to help!  Want to hear more?  Scroll down to the bottom and subscribe!


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I love it when you share!
Lauren Weeks Photography

Thank you! I will start using these tips asap!

I’m always up for trying something new!  Normally the only mini-sessions I do all year are Christmas but this year I decided to add in a couple more, on a much smaller scale than the Christmas sessions!  SO this year I’m introducing Valentine Mini-Sessions!  These are going to be so much fun and leave you with the cutest Valentines for your kids, an 8×10 for yourself and…. wait for it….a digital file of your favorite image!  I know, I know, I never give digitals in these things but I figure you’re gonna want the Valentines for school but definitely going to want to send one of these adorable pictures to Grandma and Grandpa so this way you’ll be able to!

Last year for my own kid’s Valentine’s I did bookmarks.  One of the classes had a rule of no candy (LOVED that rule) so we went with bookmarks and I loved how they turned out and the kids LOVED handing them out.  I got a huge response saying how cute they were so this is what I’m offering you this year!  Bookmarks are awesome because they don’t get tossed like the rest of the crazy character cards that all the other kids give!  If you want to see the full blog post on my kids’ Valentine’s from last year you can check it out here.

All the details can be found below.  The Valentine Mini-Sessions will be held in my home on January 25 and have a very limited availability so if you want a spot contact me asap!

Valentine Mini-Sessions, Valentine photo ideas, Children

Have more than one child?  Don’t worry!! Contact me for Sibling prices they can all have a Valentine Mini-session!

I love it when you share!