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Introducing Lifestyle Sessions | New Hampshire Lifestyle Photographer

“We are incredibly thankful to have these precious moments in time preserved in such a beautiful, authentic way. Our session was just like any typical Saturday. We laughed our way through the morning as we baked, read and played together… and Anna was in the background quietly clicking away the whole time. It felt… real. Relaxed. Joyful. I was brought to tears when I saw the photos from our session. Anna caught those little family moments – a snuggle, a favorite toy, an impromptu tickle session – with perfect accuracy. The images were beautifully captured and edited, but most importantly, they were us… happy, crazy, loving our time together. When I look through our photos, I can almost hear the 10-years-from-now me whispering “thank you for helping me remember these sweet, busy days”.”

That pretty much sums up what a lifestyle session with ABP is like.  Take a look at this video get a peek into exactly what a lifestyle session is like. 

Capturing your family and your memories has always been what drives me in my photography.  Lifestyle sessions are taking that passion to the next level.  Capturing every little detail of your current life.  Capturing your children in their most comfortable place, their home.  Freezing those silly faces, messy hands, tiny toes and sweet kisses.  

Lifestyle sessions last anywhere from 2-3 hours and can include numerous activities..your family playing a favorite board game, cooking a favorite recipe, enjoying a meal together, snuggling on the couch or in bed to read a book, jumping on the bed, playing outside on the swing set…any of the above! The possibilities are endless! 

If you’re a client of mine or have read any of the information on my website you know that to me, photography is creating timeless heirlooms.  As usual I am not going to let you walk away with a cd of digital files to shove in a drawer! You will leave with your precious memories captured and given to you in a form that you can pull out year after year and look back on these fleeting moments.  Each lifestyle session will include a DVD of your session just like the one you watched above.  The slideshow will be full of images and video clips of you and your beautiful family.  You will also receive an 8×11 custom photo book of your session.  This photo book is a perfect heirloom to pull out when the kids are all grown up and show them just what life was like when they were littles! 

All of the details are below but there’s still more good news!  Due to my overwhelming excitement for these sessions (I just can’t help myself!)  I will be offering a 25% off discount to the first 5 of these sessions that are booked!  That means you’ll get all of this for $600!  The deal is limited to the first 5 people so be sure to grab your spot fast! 


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