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As a New Hampshire Family Photographer I’ve gotten used to shooting in the cold…it’s just part of the job.  But this was different….It was the middle of winter, freezing cold temperatures, ice cold rain and wind whipping off of the ocean.  For any other client this session would’ve been canceled BUT I know Ashley and when she has something planned she’s going to make it happen and there’s not a whole lot that will stop her!

When I checked in with her that morning she confirmed exactly what I thought she would- the session was on!  The entire drive there I couldn’t believe we were about to do this.  The entire session (a total of maybe 6 minutes) we froze and I’m pretty sure it took us the rest of the day to defrost. 

All that being said there is one thing I can confirm- I’m so grateful we did that session.

It turns out that that was Tobin’s last session with me.  Tobin passed away a few months later.  There’s not much else I can write without sobbing.  There’s so much I want to say about Tobin…mostly that he pretty much hated every session he had with me!  Ashley and I joke about this all the time…I have endless outtakes of him VERY mad at me!  

As soon as I would put down my camera that little man would snuggle me, smile at me and be as happy as ever.   Thankfully he couldn’t resist his mama so within every session she was able to work out those warm little smiles.  He sure did love his mama!

It’s been almost exactly 2 months since Tobin passed away…and I still have never felt it was the perfect time to share these images.  Sometimes you wonder if it’s too hard to look back but I think the opposite is true.  As I see Tobin’s mom Ashley comforted by looking back at photos of him and sharing them with friends, I’m reminded how precious these images are.  They’re precious not because of any talent I may have, not because I had the right settings on my camera, or because Ashley and her sister coordinated the perfect outfits.  They’re treasures because they froze that time.  That time where we all froze on the beach, in the pouring rain is now preserved forever…it’s invaluable to have our memories preserved.


Sweet Tobin, you will be greatly missed.  Not only were you the sweetest most cuddly little man but you gave us a chance to see true unconditional love through your parents and the love they had for you.  Your life too short but your impact so large. Fly high sweet boy <3

I love it when you share!