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Capturing your family and your memories has always been what drives me in my photography.  Lifestyle sessions are taking that passion to the next level.  Capturing every little detail of your current life.  Capturing your children in their most comfortable place, their home.  Freezing those silly faces, messy hands, tiny toes and sweet kisses.  

Lifestyle sessions last anywhere from 2-3 hours and can include numerous activities..your family playing a favorite board game, cooking a favorite recipe, enjoying a meal together, snuggling on the couch or in bed to read a book, jumping on the bed, playing outside on the swing set…any of the above! The possibilities are endless! 





That video shows pretty much exactly how fun a lifestyle session could be!  Now that you’ve seen it I’m hoping you can’t wait to book but first let me show you the experience you’ll get when you book a session with Anna Bartell Photography!