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After five years as a New Hampshire Family Photographer I can say it is hard to choose which photos to add to a gallery!  As you look through this gallery you’ll see that my style is casual, fun and clean.  My goal is to capture your family having fun and being themselves.  Like I said when we first started, this in not about just getting an updated family portrait it’s also about creating amazing memories!  

You can see through this gallery that these families are creating genuinely fun memories.  I long for you to look back on your pictures and be reminded of those memories!

If you’re ready to book a family session I’d love for you to hit the contact button! I’d love to hear from you!! If you’re not quite ready and want to do some more exploring I’d love to show you what a session is like with ABP!


Melissa Spencer

Hi there,
I know its totally short notice, but I was very impressed with your website and was wondering if by any chance you would be available mid-week the week of July 13-20. My family and I meet up at Lake Winnipesaukee every summer, and this year we are celebrating my mother’s 65th (although she turned 65
last year…long story!!). My sister and her husband have two kids and my husband and I have one. The kids ages range from 4-8. The house we rent is right on a “private beach” the sunsets are amazing. If by any chance your (or perhaps someone you can recommend) are available that week, please let me know. I think family photos at the lake house would be the perfect gift for my mother. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Melissa Spencer


Hi Melissa! I will send you some info via your e-mail! Thanks!