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“Things can change in an instant”- Words from my client | New Hampshire Family Photographer

A few years ago I founded a photography group for New England photographers.  Last month I arranged a session for some of us to shoot together.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.  One of those sessions you walk away from knowing you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  Fast forward a few weeks and I got together with the mom to show her the photos I had taken and the video I had put together along with the photos from all of the other photographers.  The next day I received this from Cindy.

When we are happy, time passes so quickly. When we are aware and mindful, maybe time seems to slow a bit. And when we are in the midst of a deep emotion like pain or suffering, the minutes tick by with days and nights so long. I have experienced all of these phases of time. And now after 3 children, businesses, military, and many moves to new places, it is crazy that I feel like everything happened just yesterday…

This was our first Lifestyle Session. Two hours of comfortable and fun photography while we carried on our usual, relaxed interaction as a family. It was not until after the photos came back and then even more impactful, the video, that I grasped how much emotion, joy and love these family interactions hold. You feel your feelings in the moment, but feelings are fleeting, and always changing. So, sometimes you forget how awesome that moment was. When I looked at these pictures and the video, I was instantly brought back to the feeling of pure love and laughter, fun, and happiness. Most of all, our bond.

Since the Lifestyle Session, we have encountered tremendous change. It is both shocking and amazing for me to see how life truly does change in an instant. Changes that challenge our bond. But amidst this change, the one new blessing that I had, and still have, is the opportunity to watch our video. This uplifts my spirit. Grounds me when I feel like I’m flopping around with no direction. And soothes my heart by reminding me of the deep love and happiness that we share as a family.

Some may say they can’t afford a Lifestyle Session, and I understand the Lifestyle Session is an investment – financially. I pay my bills weekly. I pinch pennies when I can. But after having this beautiful day of our life literally frozen in time, I will budget for and do a Lifestyle Session again and again. I can tell you that there is no better investment than capturing a sweet moment of life. These moments captured in photos is like time standing still. And because life changes in the blink of an eye, and your home may never be the same, it is worth every penny to do this.

My heart is so full of gratitude for the talent and beauty of the photography and videography that we’ve received. I am so very thankful for this session that captured one day of our life. Now, whenever I want, whenever I need a reminder of all things good, and no matter how much times passes, I will look at these pictures, watch my video and truly feel the goodness and soak in the precious love of that time… As if it happened just yesterday.

There is not much else to say.  If you want to see her session you can check it out here and click the contact button if your ready to schedule your own! 



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